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Goddess of Love: A Sincere Boy's Confession

“Who said you could have him?” The endless void stood behind a short blond-haired girl. Her hair was pulled up into two tails hanging on either side of her head. She held the end of the long spear tightly as she wiggled it back and forth, remaining lodged in her victim’s chest. Her beaming smile eerily donning her face as she seemed to enjoy the brutality of her action.

“I-I’m sorry, I wasn’t…” Blood spurted out her mouth as the young girl attempted to speak. Her muscles twitched as the blonde-haired girl pushed the spear deeper. Her screams grew in intensity.

“Why haven’t you died already? This is taking too long.” The girl removed the spear and placed it over her shoulder.

I can’t believe this is how I die. Her eyes caught a glimpse of the bright glow of the sun before she felt her neck sever, the spear delivering the final blow.

“Let me introduce myself. Well, more clearly, just explain what’s going on.” The girl began to speak as the giant rock in front of her began to move.

“I would give you my name first but I have none. Some used to call me the ‘Murderous God’ but they’re dead now so you can just refer to me as ‘The Goddess of Love.’” An arm sprouted out from the side of the rock, swinging at her as she began to speak.

“You’re not even going to ask why I’m here Mr. Rock? That seems a bit rude.” The ground beneath her shook as the rock lumbered toward her. “Are you going to stop and listen or…” The rock body slammed the ground the girl was on.

“You know, if I couldn’t teleport, I would’ve died there? Where are your manners?” The rock started spinning as it approached her location quickly. What a stubborn big guy we have here. The girl placed her palm in her face as she shook her head.

She threw her arm out as a spear materialized, clasped securely in her hand. The hilt of the spear had a giant heart covered in red glitter. The other end of the spear had steel billowing out into two large arches, approximating the shape of a heart.

“One last chance, big guy.” The tumbling rock nearly reached her as she swung the spear around playfully. Rainbows trailed the arch of her spear’s rotation. The ground quaked as the rock rose over her, covering her area in darkness.

She struck her weapon forward and with one fell strike, the rock’s rotation ceased. Large cracks in the rock began to emanate out from the spear’s wedged in steel.

Peering through the enormous cracks, the girl watched in quiet anticipation as pink glitter began to gush out in increasing voracity.

“I call that my ‘Love Strike Finale’ attack. How was it?” The girl giggled as she admired the work in front of her. Large chunks of rock were now laid sinking into a sea of pink glitter.

I don’t think I killed them with that, right? The girl ventured into the catastrophe of her own creation. “Heyyyyyyy. Are you dead? I didn’t kill you right?” The pink glitter reached her hips as she slogged her way through toward the, former, rock’s center.

“Die bitch!” A man emerged from the sea, hoping to get a sneak attack on the unsuspecting girl. I caught her off guard!

“Nope.” The girl giggled as she smacked the sword out of her hand, punching him in the face sending him straight back into the glitter.

“Wait!!! I have the perfect idea.” She touched a nearby rock chunk which floated as she caressed its surface. Clenching her hands together, the large rock crumbled into hundreds of smaller shards. They rose and fell swirling around her small figure.

“What’re you…?” The man rose from the glitter prison, finding the shards circling above his head. In an instant, they dug into his flesh. Each stone tore at his skin as felt them pulling him out from the glitter sea. He fought against their embrace, a fruitless endeavor. His body became a patchwork abomination of skin and stone, subservient to the goddess of love’s will.

“Let me go!” The man desperately cried out as he remained immobilized floating above her. Blood seeping out from the rock’s sharp edges as they dug deeper into him.

“I just want to ask one question clearly and I want the truth. Who is after my master?”

“Are you...are you serious? All this for that stupid reason?” The rocks tightened as blood began spilling out into a constant stream.

“Deadly.” She winked as she clenched her fists tighter, the shards of stone reacting in tandem.

“His name is Rantaro Sanji. He…” the shards of stone caved in. A person was no longer recognizable amongst the chunks of flesh that rained down in front of her.

“All I needed. I know exactly where to go now.” The girl slogged her way through the pink glittery sea, executing a hurricane force twirl to dust herself off as she exited. Let me go pay him a visit.

The land before her was a vast pastel toned nightmare. Tall pink mountains stretched into the distanced, eruptions of what appeared to be cotton candy spewed out continuously from it’s tip.

The sun hung high in the sky, visible yellow lines emerged and faded as she stared at it. The sea shimmered from the sun’s glare. Gigantic fish remained continually at the sea’s surface, holding out their fins toward the sky as if to pray for the sun’s embrace.

The trees below her stretched out for miles, a chromatic glare bouncing off each of them. A forest that was made of seemingly metallic trees.

The fortress situated at the center of this madness was that of a child’s design. Large towers stretched into the sky and the castle that stood at its center appeared to be made of plastic.

This is sooooo exhausting. I didn’t think protecting my master’s reputation and honor could turn out to be such a chore. The girl’s blonde hair waved as a gentle breeze caressed her, the sweet scent of chocolate rushing past her nose. “This domain isn’t all bad, I guess. Certainly has more area than my own. This human must have some weird obsessions though.”

She laughed as she jumped off the cliff, the wind rushing past her as the trees below her quickly approached. Her legs refused to buckle as they landed on the top of a tall tree, it, in contrast, bent to her demand. The metallic reverberation echoed out as the tall tree began to topple under the force of her fall.

Doesn’t look like this one is going to work anymore. She hopped to the next tree, surveying the area in front of her. The ground shook and a strong gust of wind rushed past her as the behemoth behind her fell to the forest floor.

“Alright Mr. Fortress, I’ll see you soon.” The girl lifted her hand toward the castle at its center, sticking her thumb and index straight out with the rest of her fingers curled in.

“Pew, pew.” She shot her finger gun at the fortress’s largest tower as a childish smile formed on her face.

“Oh, crap.” The tower she targeted began to collapse as two gigantic holes destroyed its lower support column.

I should probably apologize for that when I get over there. She winced, the impending duty of apologizing was not something she looked forward to.

The gates are just open? They were going to let anyone just stride in here? Or was it because I destroyed the tower? The girl became embarrassed at the thought.

“Guess I shouldn’t be surprised it’s empty here. Not like these places are usually populated anyway.” She paused at the open gates to the fortress. Now that I think about it, there were only those two that inhabited the same domain. So jealous.

The girl walked through the front gate, a voice rang out as she passed. “Welcome to the PuraPura Magic Castle. I hope you enjoy your stay!” The voice sounded like the energetic rambling of a girl no older than twelve years old.

She looked around as the giant bastion held numerous candy covered houses and large schools with glittering runes on top. “Really? Magic exists here? Such a childish concept.” She touched the rune, it fizzled immediately. It’s dying breath shot out a semi-transparent bright yellow glow.

I’m hoping the master of this domain is a young girl. Otherwise, this is all creepy. She turned her head back to the central castle. It’s base was made of giant slabs of plastic bricks, several tall towers jutted out from the top of it. The singular entrance to this building was a set of two tall doors in the front.

“Knock, knock.” The girl vocalized the words as she began banging on the door. The door began to bend underneath the weight of her strikes.

The girl started tapping her foot as she remained frozen at the door's entrance, waiting for someone to answer.

Patience is overrated. She lifted her foot ready to kick the door down before it creaked open.

“Yes? Were you the one who destroyed…” the man peaked his head outside the cracked open door before stopping, stunned at the girl’s beauty. He looked to be a young man of about twenty, his physique toned.

“Hello! Let me introduce myself. I don’t really have a name but people like to call me “The Goddess of Love,” usually.” The girl tilted her right hand and placed a peace sign in front of her face, an imitation of a popular idol’s signature move.

“I can’t believe your beauty. Are you truly the goddess of love?” The question surprised her, no one had ever played along with her game before.

“Indeed. I come with a divine guidance to lead my master down the correct path to find true love.” She was pleased to finally have someone who would actually listen to her.

“Come inside, come inside.” The man waved his hand, ushering her inside.

“Don’t mind if I do.” She pushed past him, swinging the door open as she rushed into the ornate hallway before her. Crystal chandeliers dotted the ceiling as frilly clothes lined the sides of the walls. The hallway floor was decorated with a purple satin material, slightly bouncing at her feet’s embrace.

“By the way, I’m sorry for breaking your tower. It was an accident.” She pushed and pulled her index fingers against each other, head held down in embarrassment.

“It’s alright! Don’t worry about it. It should only take a few minutes to fix anyway.”

“Really? Thank you!” She popped back up at him.

She’s so cute. Her joyful bounce, the sound of her voice and her innocence are just so intoxicating. He examined her face, drawn to all of its subtle movements, the ambiguity of her intentions strangely erotic. The thoughts drew him deeper into her spell, finding he was now unable to free himself. He was a prisoner to her will.

“Hey, quick question. Why are there so many magical girl outfits adorning the walls?” The girl pointed curiously at the seemingly endless array of frilly short skirt magical girl outfits that adorned the hallway.

“My master is a big fan of them.” He gestured toward the outfits with a slow wave.

“Kinda creepy. Isn’t he a little too old for that?” Her brows furled as she turned her eyes and locked with her.

“Certainly not! The magical girl represents the peak cuteness that a strong young girl can achieve. The power of innocence is nothing to scoff at. I mean, look at yourself.” He winked as he smiled at her, the banter was refreshing.

“Okay…” she just wanted to change the subject after his strangely passionate reply.

An enormous door laid in front of them. It reached the top of the ceiling, locks strewn about keeping it secured shut. “Just one second, goddess of love.” He said the words with intention, hoping the praise would draw her in closer. He gently caressed the door which opened at his touch.

I need to get myself one of these for my domain. She marveled at the door’s subservience to his touch.

She peered through the crack as the door slowly opened. A throne laid before them, lifted off the ground with a set of ornate marble stairs on either side. Giant plastic slabs constructed the walls contrasting against the numerous beautiful tapestries that covered nearly every inch. The tapestries each showing a different young girl in a frilly outfit fighting against monstrous abominations.

“So, what brings you here?” He sat down on the dark red satin sheet that covered the golden throne

“My sources tell me that your master intends to make a significant inquiry of my master. I would like to confirm if this is true or not.” Her tone was direct.

“And, who is your master?” His elbow rested on the throne as his fist held his head up, reaching out his other hand as he spoke.

“Short, light blue-haired girl with the mini suzu bells accessory? I’m pretty sure you’ve seen her around.” The girl materialized an imitation of the accessory, shaking it in front of him.

*Jingle Jingle*

“Oh, her? Yes, my master has been thinking about her recently. More so than I think is healthy to be honest with you.” He began to shake his head as the thought crossed his head.

“I need you to make him cease pursuing my master.” Her tone lacked her previous joyous bounce. She spoke with intention.

“Excuse me?” The tone shift surprised him.

“There’s so many other girls your master can chase. I’m asking you nicely to force him to stop pursuing her.” She became angry, his lack of immediate agreement not sitting well with her.

“I think you might be too late already. Look.” He pointed to the ceiling.

The girl examined the moving image above her before turning back to him. “You either convince him to stop or I’ll just have to kill you like I did your friends.” Her eyes stared daggers at him.

“You killed Justice and Joy?” His voice became desperate at the revelation.

“Those were their names? Wait! Let me guess, the rock guy was Justice and Joy was the young girl?” She teased him.

“I’ll kill you for that, you petulant child.” He slammed his hands on the throne as he rose, yelling at her.

“Ah that’s mean. I’m just an innocent girl.” She turned around, throwing her hands behind her back, interlocking her fingers into a tight ball.

She heard a loud crackling sound pass by her neck. Her skin twitched as the lighting passed by, barely missing her. A dark spot decorated the ground where it struck in front of her.

“Hey, that’s mean! You attacked me when I had my back turned?” She turned back around to face him, pouting. “You didn’t even let me transform into my magical girl outfit for battle.”

He paused. “Magical girl outfit?” His right hand was raised up, a long lightning bolt crackled in its embrace.

“Of course, idiot. I still need to transform for battle. Give me a second!” The man lowered his hand, his curiosity having been peeked by her offer.

“Fine. It wouldn’t be a fair fight if I didn’t let you prepare anyway.” His words spoke honor but his intentions were purely carnal.

She threw her hands to her sides out as the colors in the area around her began to distort. The colors flipped into an assortment of bright reds, yellows, blues and greens. The area radiated multi-color bubbles that popped as she gracefully danced through them. Her clothes began to transform as she continued to dance. The area had bent to her will, changing into a zone complimenting a pure, innocent magical girl’s transformation.

Do we really have to fight? I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. He was starstruck. Instead of preparing for a fight to the death, he prepared to propose his cock.

“Hey, do we really have to…” he was cut off as a rainbow arch flashed in front of him. “How did you…?”

The spear’s steel had pierced his throat. The magical girl clothes he was enamored with no longer decorated her body, a dark ruse.

“I forgot to mention something. I can teleport.” Her expression was soft as she held her pierced blade at his throat.

“But, you know, it’s pretty predictable of you to let down your guard so easily. I do a little song and dance for you and you just let down your guard. Pathetic.” Her soft expression turned serious as she intended to deliver the final blow.

“Wait!” The last words of this domain’s master echoed out in the throne room as his head rolled onto the floor, body slumping down into the cold plastic’s embrace.

The spear disappeared as the girl sat on the throne, looking back up at the ceiling. The body of the dead man bleeding out beneath her. “One more thing and this will be perfect!” She held out her arm as a crown formed in front of her. The crown adorned her head as she looked back up at the moving image on the ceiling.

The drab faces of his friends greeted him as they stood behind the school building. “Hey guys! Give me a little motivation. I’m about to confess to the cutest girl in school. I’m getting really nervous right now!” The boy yelled as the girl and the boy in front of him refused to match his energy.

“Good luck.” His friends responded in tandem, a solemn expression lacking any passion.

“Assholes. I would be way more pumped up if I was doing this for you guys.” The boy stomped away as his friends remained still, directionless without their leader.

“Nijima-san! Thank you for meeting me today!” The boy yelled out, attempting to mask his shy demeanor with a passionate display.

The back of the school building greeted them on one side and, to the other, a small patch of trees. A perfect secluded place for a passionate love confession. He clenched the small letter, a heart shaped sticker held it shut.

The girl turned to face him, smiling as she locked eyes with him. “Yes, Sanji-kun. What is it?” The innocent tone of her expression reminded him of why he fell in love with her.

“Would you, would you…” he began his passionate display before stopping suddenly. The burning fire in his chest was gone as was his desire to give her the lovingly written letter.

“Nevermind.” The boy turned around and left, refusing to speak with her any longer.

He turned the corner, leaving the girl’s view. She looked down as the letter laid crumpled on the ground in front of her.

What a strange boy. She bent down and grabbed the letter, leaving soon after.

I’ve never seen it in action but man people change pretty quick after their god dies. The girl kicked the dead body laid in front of her.

Poor bastard. If your god just worked with me I wouldn’t have had to kill him. She looked up at the ceiling as she could see the drab faces of a boy and a girl, the boys friends.

Those must have been the masters of those other gods I killed. Idiots. If they just worked with me I would’ve spared them. Maybe? The moving image in the ceiling began to fade as the boy turned his face to the ground, the brown dirt the last thing she saw.

“About time to get home.” She rose up from the throne and lifted her hands up. Her body twitched as she stretched.

She exited the throne room doors, looking back to see darkness creep around the dead body of the former god, sucking it into its embrace. The void is already taking him back? I wonder how long it’s going to take before this entire domain is pulled back into its cold grasp? Should I stick out for fun?

She looked around at the magical girl outfits hanging in the hallway. Nope. It’s just a little too creepy in here. Like the pending birthplace of a new lolicon. Maybe it’s for the best that I finished him off.

“I need to prepare for the next battle anyways.” Her voice echoed in the hallway as it began to collapse, a cold void sucking the life from it.

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