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Diary Entry: Thursday April 18th, 2013 (Part 1)

Diary Entry:

Thursday April 18th, 2013

I guess I should be glad. Today was actually pretty good, all things considered. A towel was draped around a young girl as she sat in her desk chair holding a pink frilly notebook close to her chest.

Better get it written down before it gets too late. The words summoned a mighty yawn that snuck its way out as the words crossed her mind. She placed the notebook down on her desk gently as she opened to an empty page. At the top, she wrote, “Diary Entry: Thursday April 18th, 2013.”

“I’m not really sure I can capture the feelings of today. So much happened and it’s all crazy to finally write down.” She wrote the line directly below the title before continuing.

“Shotaro Manaki, Shotaro Manaki, Shotaro…” She repeatedly wrote the name like she was put in a trance before looking down at her creation. Little creepy even for myself. She laughed as she started erasing her repeats, leaving only one Shotaro Manaki left before continuing.

“Shotaro Manaki, the epitome of manliness. He has a perfect physique but has remained graceful anyway. The very incarnation of a Greek god.” She stared at the words “perfect physique” on her page before she looked down at her own belly.

I hate you. She gripped the slight flab on either side of her tummy and jiggled it. No way I could compete with the other girls trying to get him. She looked back at her notebook and continued writing.

“I always knew he was a graceful person but it just made me envy him so much more when I saw how caring he was today. My classmate fell down the stairs and Nijima-san was trying to pick him up herself. She’s on the smaller side so there was no way she could do it herself. No one else offered to help except for my dear, sweet angel Shotaro-kun.” She wrote excitedly as she remembered the scene in vivid detail.

“His perfect uniform got all wrinkled up as he picked up that freshman like it was nothing. His smile, how god his smile, made me melt. I think he may have even looked at me!” The reminiscence of his gaze making her excited again.

“I know it’s a lot to ask but I hope one day he and I can be at least friends. I just need to figure out how to do it.” The words she wrote were far from unique, as she had been trying to figure this problem for several years now.

“I know it’s been awhile but I know I’m going to find the right words to say to him.” She sighed as she finished writing the words, eager to jump to a less hurtful subject.

“Tanaka-san from our class was running down the halls like a madman. I heard it from the whispers in my class and they all thought it was super weird. He never makes a scene. Although, I heard today Kawamura-san and him used to be a couple in middle school. Drama!” She chuckled as she wrote the words. Finally, some drama that doesn’t include me.

“Kushi-san was just as mean as she always is. Thank god we weren’t in the same class this year. She still throws insults my way whenever I pass by, though. She likes to make sure I hear the pig snorts coming from her and her posse. Well, I like bacon anyway, so game over for you!” She stared at the last line before erasing it. Cheesy jokes don’t take away the pain.

“I was hanging out with Danshiro-kun at lunch and I saw Kawamura-san head out toward the old school building. Only delinquents really hang out over there, so it seemed strange to me. She doesn’t seem like the type.” I wonder if she and I could be friends? She stared at “Kawamura-san” for a few seconds before erasing it. In its place, she carefully rewrote her name as if she were in calligraphy class. The result stood out from the rest of her writing as it exuded an artistic value absent from the rest of her messing writing.

Now for the best part! The page was full with her ramblings. She flipped the page and began writing on the back with a feverish fervor. “I saw Shotaro-kun after school! I was walking to get a snack from the convenience store and I saw him enter it. I got super nervous! So...I just waited for him. I saw him at the magazine rack looking at the magazines. He was looking at dirty magazines! I got super embarrassed and tried to hide but he saw me! He really looked straight at me through the glass window and waved. The only option at that point was to run away obviously but he acknowledged my existence.” Her body began shaking as the excitement began surging through her. Two times in a single day? I’m so lucky to have him see me two different times in a single day.

She closed the notebook before dropping the towel on the ground, her naked body reflected from a wall mounted mirror on the other side of the wall. Surrounding the mirror were clippings from fashion magazines, each different in style and tone but sharing one unified message. How to lose weight and keep it off. The perfect workouts for your summer butt. The new improved way to lose weight (No Calorie Counting Required!). She repeated the headlines in her head as if they were some sort of spell she was chanting.

Her door slammed open as she heard a familiar voice yell at her. “Nee-san! I love you!” Her little sister leaped at her, arms outstretched wide. With one swift kick, her little sister hit the wall with a loud thump.

“Didn’t I tell you not to open the door without knocking!” She yelled at her little sister as she rushed over to close the door. “I’m completely naked! What if mom or dad saw me?”

“It’s not like they haven’t changed your diapers for years. They know what you look like naked anyway.” Her little sister pulled herself up, shrugging at her as she responded.

“That’s not the same and you know it!” She grabbed a pillow off her bed and threw it at her. “Get out!” She lifted her hand and pointed to the door with a serious face on.

“Fine!” Her little sister got up and walked to the bedroom door, opening it before turning her head around. “Your boobs got bigger. Maybe even Shotaro-kun might notice, you know.” Her little sister smirked at her.

“Shut up!” She threw another pillow but it was a futile effort as her little sister had already escaped the door. She heard her giggles through the door fade until she heard her door close.

She fell on her bed, staring at the ceiling. Why is she always such a brat… She grabbed a nearby pillow and covered her face.

“I love you, Shotaro-kun!” She yelled into the pillow, the words muffled and distorted through it.

April 18th, 2013

Thursday, 8:00AM

To be continued...

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